Monday, 5 March 2012

Out and about again

We've had some lovely weather (freezing cold today though and had sleet yesterday) so we've been hitting the parks in earnest. Whilst I love it that home educating means we get to play in lovely parks that aren't overcrowded it's sad that we can spend several hours at a park and not see another soul and then when school lets out there's a mad rush of noise and chaos for an hour before it all goes quiet again.

Rules of life: you can never have too many pictures of your children, especially if they're sleeping.

When Isaac was off seeing Thomas we wandered into town and did a bit of shopping (we had to buy more satsumas - orANges - for a small girl who is inhaling them at the moment) and then popped into the park on the way home. She did a lot of running - "look me mummy running". Lots more running - "no mummy you go dat way, I go dis way" and even more running - "go 'way mummy me running".

She way happy to have a little carry on the way back to the park from town though.

And then the balloon had to be blown up. Err yeah a balloon in a windy park with thorny bushes - there was only ever going to be one outcome (and boy did we get the works - balloon burst on fence mummy) but it was great fun while it lasted.

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