Monday, 23 April 2012

Bikes, buggies and baggies

After lots of back and forth we finally managed to get hold of the next size up Islabike to the balance bike Isaac had. He has another bike with stabilisers on but it felt like such a step back after being freewheeling so well on the balance bike. The problem was that the Isla didn't have a bell and he's got used to the stabilisers so he was refusing to give the Isla a try. He's been out a couple of times in the park with a hand helping support him but he's not been happy to go it alone. We're at Danna's at the moment where there are lovely empty, flat streets (instead of our hill!) and today he finally got the hang of it and was cycling up and down the road. He's still a little lacking in confidence and finds it hard to start off but it was great to see him actually cycling unaided.

He spent most of the time in the park picking daisies. "I'm giving you this because I love you", he said. I ended up with a whole lot of love as my lap filled with daisies.

Isabel had a quick go on the balance bike but we need a new valve for the back tyre so she went and got a buggy and her new baby instead. She was most put out that there weren't any baby swings for her to put baby on and the attempt to swing baby on the normal swing ended in a face plant. She did manage the slides though.

When he wasn't picking daisies he was doing his usual climbing on the things that aren't designed to be climbed on.

Isabel has a great pair of trousers that I picked up in the charity shop. They give her a lovely baggy bum.

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