Monday, 30 April 2012


One of Isaac's favourite programmes at the moment is Tree-Fu-Tom where the action takes place in Treetopolis. In the park this weekend it's been more a story of trees toppling over. The weather on Sunday was rather interesting and two of the big trees came down with others having damaged branches. It's always sad to see the trees come down - there have been quite a few in the last couple of years. Each one is a lost link to the past and makes the park a sadder place. 

The climbing tree is still there though.

Isaac has a lot of games up in the tree and uses different branches and areas to perform different roles in his games. This bit of often the controls of some rocket or vehicle.

We spent a lot of time this morning playing football. Well when Isaac wasn't running off with the ball...

And we got called back by the slowest member of the family on the way home to see a ladybird on the path. There are benefits to taking things at a 2 year old's pace (and being so close to the ground).

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