Monday, 16 April 2012


I've struck lucky in some of the charity shops with children's jigsaws recently - in amongst the Bob the Builder jigsaws (I could have bought 7 this weekend) there was this vintage beauty. We've got into a pattern where we do a jigsaw and then Isabel asks, 'what can you see'. It started because I prefer to ask open questions rather than, 'can you see a cat' but Isabel being quick off the mark has turned the tables and makes me work. She can be quite adamant that that a cow is a horse or vice versa if the mood takes her and often states that she can't see something I've said is there and when I point to it she says 'but that's not a frog' or whatever it is. She's quite opinionated...

The best thing about the jigsaw are the trees and the cottage at the back - they look vintage pottery.

Speaking of which, we've broken a few mugs recently (and chipped a whole lot more) so I was on the look out for nice mugs and found this - it's actually much more tapered at the top than the photo shows but the camera makes it look more cylindrical. Not bad for 99p.

The peace of a Monday afternoon was shattered by a small boy with a big cone telling the world that he was in the garden. We were playing dentists this morning and I found he's got a new molar.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do You See is a favourite in our house and both children can pretty much recite it by heart. Isaac got interested in question marks this evening and wanted to write a question so he drew a picture of the dog (see the 2 ears and a tail) and then wrote the question, 'What colour' complete with question mark at the end. OK so the spelling needs some work and I think he might have needed and even bigger bit of paper (this is A3) but it's lovely watching this spontaneous learning.

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