Saturday, 19 January 2013

Ladybirds and snow.

Our lovely friend Kerry is a whizz with balloons and we came away from there with a Buzz Lightyear, a gun and a ladybird. They've both been played with lots and the ladybird went in the bath (and lost its eyes) but they're still going strong.

We had a few inches of snow on Friday. Snow is something I still measure in inches, it doesn't seem right saying it in metric somehow.

I found some comments that had been stuck waiting to be moderated (sorry Jo!). I am a technical dunce so didn't know that was possible but I shall try and tick all the right boxes so that I at least get told there is a comment...


  1. Hehe no worries! They're not usually terribly interesting comments from me anyway ;-)

  2. Glad they liked the balloons! We are around most of next week for a play if you're about!? x