Thursday, 10 January 2013

A funny old week

Littlest has been doing a lot of this... 

She is officially a poorly girl as has had a temperature for several days - probably because of a virus. And now has an ear infection. All pretty miserable anyway but made worse because she point blank refuses to take any medicine. There is no reasoning, cajoling nor forcing. She has never taken medicine happily and being proper poorly isn't going to change that. The doctor would have prescribed antibiotics but as she won't take them there is no point. He was happy enough that she would get better with sleep and time though so I'm not worried - just a little weary of the sleep, shout, whimper cycle. She's drinking and sleeping and will get better in time. 

Isaac has been very good at entertaining himself with the help of some Playmobil knights and his Lego. He's got a cough and is a little under the weather too though so today is hard all round. 

We've been playing board games quite a lot. Pop to the Shops is a favourite for Isaac but Isabel even when she's well finds it a bit above her (although she always demands that she gets to play). We also like the Gruffalo rhyming game, which all of us can play and Pirate snakes and ladders. 

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  1. Hope they both feel a bit chirpier soon...
    Happy New Year