Sunday, 27 January 2013

Muddy muddy muddy

So the snow has gone, the rain has been and today we had sun. So off to a very wet and muddy park we all went. Isabel with her 'crown' and chick and the dog with a ball. We should have taken wellies as there were some amazing puddles but as it was it was dog who went puddle jumping. He was a filthy happy bear. 

Lego is a big hit at the moment. The Christmas gifts have been supplemented with some ebay wheels and chassis and a base board. We had 31 vehicles earlier and some have been taken apart to create new ones since. We have a growing selection of mini figures (often headless as Isaac likes to have one body with many heads...). Whilst we have a few kits with instructions most of the building that's done is creative. Isaac isn't keen on basic building (although Isabel likes building with bricks and will sit and build a walls etc) but enjoys making these odd wheeled creations. I'd happy that he's more interested in his imagination than following someone else's instructions. 

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