Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A foraging we will go.

I know a few people who are keen foragers and we met up in local woods (Worton Woods) for a walk, forage and picnic on Monday. The weather was lovely and we had a very happy 3 hours there. I think all of us got nettled at some point but there was an abundance of dock leaves so all was well. 

As we were leaving to go to the woods Isaac found a box and put it on his head. It was a great fit and so holes were added and he was a robot knight. He wore it in the car all the way to the woods and started the walk in it. Inevitably I ended up carrying it eventually but he made a pretty good effort considering how little he must have been able to see. 

I was with people far more prepared than me and we had a Kelly Kettle and a stove for making food and nettle tea. Isaac loves fire. It was the BEST part of the day for him.

Making nettle pesto.

Fried corn bread and laver bread with wild herbs in yogurt.

A very big stick.

Nettle tea.

I was very pleased to see how well the kids all pitched in to help and look after the littlest ones. Isaac is not the most adventurous of eaters but was willing to give the tea and the pesto a try. 

The woods were a great find, we'd not been before but we will go again. And they're great bear territory so I'm sure he'll get a romp there soon. 

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