Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sensory Garden

Matthew has been away again so we've been to my mum's again. There was a wicked cold wind for the first few day so it was a bit of a challenge to find places to go and play especially as one of our favoured playgrounds was closed for building work. We stopped off for a short play at the sensory garden in the middle of Hustanton. There used to be a big pond and it was always full of ducks so we grabbed the bits of bread that littered the car and went wandering. As it happened there were ducks heading our way too. 

Then a run down the lumpy bumpy field.

To find that the pond was no more. The kids still had fun with the water feature though.

And then some tree climbing.

The standing stones all have the names of the plants on them.

And then more running up and down the lumpy bumps.

A small patch of flowers was covered in bees.

And it was a lovely time.

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