Wednesday, 5 June 2013

We Captured the Castle

We visited Castle Rising near Kings Lynn. It's a fantastic place to romp around. 

Isaac happened to have a sword in the car (as you do) and Isabel, of course, had her princess crown. The centre of the castle is derelict as the floors collapsed many moons ago. There were enough rooms and passages to get a good feel of the place though and it brought out a bit of The Game of Thrones in me. I'd have quite liked my own sword. It certainly brings to mind how hard it would have been running up and down spiral staircases for the servants. 

There was a school group visiting who were having an educational tour. They made a great audience while Isaac slew the foe that was his dad. 

And just to make sure the castle was well and truly ours Isabel ran around the boundary (shedding layers as she went). 

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