Sunday, 31 January 2010

Bump, beast and yogurt

I can't believe I may still have another 2 months to go. This bump is huge. I'm much bigger this time round than I was with the boy (not surprising as I had stomach muscles before I had the boy). I feel a lot healthier in this pregnancy though - I still have the usual tiredness, heartburn, cramps etc that come with this stage of pregnancy but I feel well in myself. It's hard work having a toddler and being pregnant though. I love attachment parenting but having a small body pressed up against you for the main part of the day and night whilst also cooking another inside gets to be draining sometimes especially the day after a bad night.

Ages and ages ago my mum (Danna) made some cushion covers that have travelled with me through numerous houses. Most have been lost along the way or just got worn out but I love this one and saved the cover meaning to frame it one day. That day has finally arrived. It's hard to get a good shot of it with all the reflections on the glass and we never really did agree on what the animal was but so far it's been an antelope and a cow according to the boy.

He's not showing any interest in sleeping in his room but he's liking it that he's got a new bed to bounce on and that he has access to the shelves in what was the cupboard. He took himself off up there the other day to do his jigsaw at the desk. The other half of the room is still taken up with laundry and my sewing table (and stacks of fabric) but I'm hoping it's a room we'll use more fully now.

It's lovely seeing the changes in the boy. He's always loved his yogurt and mostly has it on a pre-loaded spoon or spooned in (one of the few foods he's ever been offered on a spoon as we did baby led weaning) but yesterday he took his yogurt to the table and instead of handing it to one of us he sat himself on the floor and spooned it in himself.

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