Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Hanging around

It's amazing the things you find in strange places...

that's the loop of the bannister support on the stairs

with some experimentation he worked out that the donkey (horse), pig, sheep and the other cow all also would hang on the bannister but the dog and zebra wouldn't.

When we went to the park he wanted to take 'baby'. I suggested that her sitting on the crossbar perhaps wasn't the safest place for her to be and so the sling was used instead. I can assure you that this is not something he's seen me do and I wouldn't recommend it with a real child.

Of course 'baby' then went on the swing...

and the climbing frame

but was then swapped for breadsticks.

There really aren't many pictures of me with my children as I'm usually the one with the camera (or I look like death!).

We had friends round this afternoon and there was a requirement to do some art.

Herself is trying to do things that are far too grown up - like sit up.

A very strange game of chess ensued in the middle of the railway track. The set comprised of kings, queens and donkeys (the boy is donkey obsessed for some reason) but no princesses much to M's annoyance.

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