Monday, 2 August 2010

Play with me

The most common cries from the boy at the moment are 'play with me' or 'look at me'. Of course in that toddler way it's always the same phrase repeated about 12 times and shouted at full volume but it's still cute.

And speaking of cute...
After the street party there was an abandoned hat that had been used as a very cute and simple baby's fancy dress costume (white sleep suit with black circles of fabric stuck on and then ears on a hat and a dalmatian puppy emerges). The hat got picked up and ended up on our sideboard and when Matthew was heading out with Isabel in the ergo to walk the dog the other day it was just too too cute.

I'm a big fan of Duplo but there's a different quality to the experience when building with wooden bricks. This was a pile of Jenga type blocks, the wooden bits off a Melissa & Doug train and some lovely coloured bits from the Grimms ammonite puzzle.

The ammonite pieces were birds, snails, slides and all sorts of other things.

The jenga blocks were more conventional as a house, a train station and the stairs - the obvious thing to do with stairs is to erm.... drive your motorbike down them. I fear this will be a real life situation at some point in the future.

We then went to the toddler spa. First foam, then bubbles and the lotion. The boy was happy.

The bricks and the bathroom fun were all before 10am. It was that kind of day.

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