Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Carving out space

Virginia Woolf wrote about a Room of One's Own and how important it is for women to have creative space. I have been very blessed living in this house to have my own room for the last 8 years. When we had our first child I knew that eventually this room would become theirs but co-sleeping has meant that I squeezed another 4 years out of my room and the relinquishing of it has been gradual.

I will miss being able to sit at my big table and glance out of the window to the garden. There is research that suggests that girls (so I guess the same goes for women) benefit from a view of trees and green. I know that daydreaming is better when gazing out into green - it may be why I didn't finish my PhD - too much daydreaming.

So now the sewing space is in the front bedroom and there's no view of the garden (nor much light - we need to work on that) but I think this space will work well. I can use the top of the drawers for cutting and for having the laptop open for instructions and inspiration. I have room for a radio and there's floor space for the ironing board. I need more shelves as most of my 'stuff' is still in the back room but the new desk seems to work well (I took some beading off the back so that the fabric can feed off the back). In some fantasy world I'll sand and paint it but in reality it'll probably stay as it is - battered and a bit wobbly. The drawers will soon be filled.

All I need now is a way to keep the children out of it all...


  1. *sigh* it looks lovely.
    Thank you for my note today...it came at the right time for me, a hug from away which was a bit needed

  2. you're welcome hon (((hugs)))