Friday, 18 November 2011

Everyone stand up

Reason number 179 why beige carpets were a bad idea.... blackberries and one small girl! Actually it's mostly come out, I'm impressed with the vanish foam - just a shame we now have a cleaner patch on the carpet cos the rest is filthy. The carpet man is coming in the day we go away for Christmas so at least we'll come back to clean carpets for a whole 10 minutes.

There's been a lot of playing this week and we've been out of the house a lot. I managed to bake a batch of biscuits this morning. The shapes are sweet but the biscuits a bit bland. I need to find a nice basic biscuit recipe. I have great cookie recipes but sometimes I just want a biscuit.

As sure as night follows day Isabel is copying Isaac by standing up in the swings. It's ok until she tries to point to something and then we've had a couple of interesting moments but she holds on pretty tight even with the one hand.

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  1. I have an extremely unsavoury beige carpet too. Why did I think it was a good idea? I want to rip the whole thing up and sand our floorboards - a new year project I think!