Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Pockets and dens

Matthew has been in London today so the conversations have been about Daddy going to London on the train to do some work which involves meeting people. This means I've had a soundtrack to the day of 'Daddy.... train.... eat people'.

Who knows what he gets up to - she might be right!

We were given some tights last week and Isabel likes them so I've rummaged around for some dresses for her and she was delighted today to find that she had pockets.

I've been looking at playframes for a long time and when one came up for sale second hand locally it was too good a chance to miss. It's a My-Kea frame and shelf and both children have been playing with it every day since we got it. For the last few days it's been a market place with the till on the shelf. Today I found the old sheet and made it into a den and there was a lot of sitting and 'reading' done by both (Isaac read most of One Fish Two Fish to himself by looking a the pictures). And there was some coffee drinking going on.

The boy continues to climb anything and everything. He shins up lamp posts and climbs wire fences when we're out and spends a lot of the day climbing up the door frames in the house. He's worked out that he can swing from the shelf in the play frame too so that's another string to his bow.

We had tea with Thomas (Isabel started off with a crown on but eating is serious business and she wasn't having anything distracting her). And then I put half a bottle of green food dye in their bath and so they had a mouthwash bath (Harry and Dinosaurs Say Rahhh for the reference).

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  1. I meant to ask you on your last post where you got the frame & bits I know!