Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Front seat drivers

Getting in the car is a bit of a mission at the moment - well the getting in is ok it's getting them in their seats. It's more fun to be in the driver's seat of course. Isaac is old enough to reason with (to a point) and understands time better so can see that if 'x' happens 'y' will follow. Isabel lives in the moment and the only thing that matters is what she's doing right now. She's 19 months, you cannot reason with her. And if you try to argue with her you'll lose.

So I have a choice. Be patient and wait it out - she will eventually get bored. Or get annoyed and angry and try to force her into her car seat. On good days I am the former and it's much nicer all round. It winds me up though for reasons I don't quite understand. It might have something to do with the fact that by the time I've got them both in the car I've exhausted my 'nice' for the day. Dressing and readying two children is an art form. I have utmost respect for anyone who has to get children to school on time day in, day out. I think it would drive me round the bend.

Today though I had a secret weapon. I was taking her somewhere she could drive her own car. She thought this good enough reason to sit down (relatively) quickly.

Isaac will climb just about anything. But he still has a respect for heights and won't do things unless he's comfortable. The big yellow slide is very steep. I went down with him the first time (and scared myself rigid) but then Isabel started climbing up the equipment so I had to go with her (plus I didn't want to go down the slide again). He sat at the top many times but wouldn't come down on his own. He happily held hands with my friend but opted for one of the other slides when he was solo.

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