Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Bear in a tunnel and a penguin that came to stay.

The boy likes to help chopping and he especially loves the rocking blade - here he is chopping parsley (not much chopping happens but it keep him occupied while I cook).

The pop up tunnel was out last night and whilst Isaac likes playing with it he soon gets bored. The dog however thinks it's great fun to run through it and as he gets a treat for doing it he'll keep doing it (labradors are like that!). Everyone had moved onto doing other things though when the bear suddenly ran into the tunnel and lay down with his head out one end looking at me and his tail out the other end wagging furiously. He was making a very obvious bid for more treats but was also just having fun. He stayed in the tunnel for a good 20 minutes or so.

Today a penguin came in the post (thanks Danna). The boy put it on and declared he was going to play rugby. Now part of me is very proud of this as yes it does look like a scrum cap and he's not seen that much rugby so I'm amazed he made the connection. However another part of me thinks that no boy of mine is going to play in the scrum (where a scrum cap is a legitimate item of apparel) and if he's going to be a back then he's not whilst I have breath in my body going to wear a scrum cap to do it! Those of you who love your rugby will understand...

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