Friday, 8 January 2010

Frog Cake

OK so it's a frog and a cake but frog cake sounds like kinda fun...

Things I've made today are a beanbag frog. I've had these in mind for months and just not managed to get around to doing them. As it turns out trying to do them with a 2 year old helper leads to many mistakes and only one being made so far with 2 in the bin... Simple things like putting 2 right sides together seemed to be beyond me when trying to do it with the boy involved.

At least I like the finished article (well I say finished but it's got no eyes at the mo). And the boy has decided it's great fun to fling it around and things.

I'm getting very very bored of the weather at the moment. There's enough snow around for there to be no post or deliveries since Tuesday. I could probably get the car out but I don't really have any need to and I can't be bothered to spend 40 minutes clearing all the snow off etc and then hoping there's still plenty of room to get the car back into a space when I get back so we've been mostly in the house for 3 days now. What's a girl to do? Well make cake of course...

I tried a tea cake in the breadmaker as I figured it'd be easy. It wasn't hard but actually it's no different to cooking it in a tin except that it's timed. I didn't have all the ingredients (when do I ever) so improvised a bit and it's ended up with dried cranberries, nectarine and mango in there as well as earl grey tea and the usual ingredients so it's very sweet and fragrant.

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  1. We think alike! Bored of sledging today was a baking day here too.
    I love the frog, perfect!