Monday, 18 January 2010

Green and pink

I've been feeling really wiped out for the last week or so. Some of it is recovering from being on my own for 10 days with no break (thanks snow!) and some of it is because of disturbed sleep from being pregnant (31 weeks, how did that happen?). I've read various things about raw food and green smoothies but it all looks like hard work and frankly most of the time I'd rather eat chocolate and junk food but as I'm suffering from reflux at the moment (ah the joys of being pregnant) and find that just plain water makes it worse I need something else to drink. Annette has a great website on raw food and has some green smoothie recipes. I was skeptical I have to admit and as someone who thinks that lettuce barely belongs in a salad the thought of whizzing it up and drinking it was a little odd let alone something that's related to algae but I figured there's nothing to lose and so gave the sweet fruit lettuce smoothie a try. It's not easy to get apricots at the moment so I've substituted apple and thankfully Ocado sell spirulina so I didn't have to go to too much effort to get the bits together.

It's erm very green with the spirulina in it and I thought it was going to be a hold the nose and drink it down job but actually it's very sweet and tasty and I have no problems drinking it or getting Isaac to try it. And I feel better for drinking it.

Just a practical tip - if you give a toddler an open cup and a straw and something green try to keep them on a hard floor as blowing bubbles creates a bit of a mess.... The dog does not recognise the mess as edible and so it needs to be on a wipe clean surface. You have been warned.

And following on from my post the other day I have started on the trousers - pair one has been made using Anna Marie Horner fabric and the organic flannel. It's so much easier doing lined trousers than reversible ones as you can just seam on the outside. The method is based on inspiration from Kat at Slugs and a mixture of the 10 minute trousers tute and some trial and error. I'm not sure that they'll be baggy enough for a clothbum but we'll wait and see...

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