Wednesday, 7 April 2010

If wishes were horses, toddlers would drive

We went on a brief excursion to the countryside this afternoon so that the bear could splash in the river. There was a lovely horse in the field but the boy didn't want to say hello and the bear barked at it - both are a little scared of something so much bigger than them.

My favourite bit of a horse is the velvety nose and whiskery chin.

This one had a rather fetching diamond on its flash too.

Whilst daddy and the bear went splashing around I sat in the car with the children (Isabel was asleep for most of the time and then needed feeding in true baby fashion of not fitting in with anyone else's plans). The boy was let loose to sit where daddy sits.

He had a lovely time and didn't break anything. He did knock against the horn a few times though and scare himself half to death.

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