Friday, 30 April 2010

Hidden Treasures

Wow it's Friday already. How did that happen?

The boy loves the carry cot on the buggy and will go and lie in it and pull the hood up even though he's way too big for it. He also likes lying on the changing mat and pretending to cry like Isabel. The added benefit of the carry cot is that it's a nice platform for reaching things that had been put out of reach - like the marble jar.

Much fun was had in emptying it. Sorting marbles by size. But most of all filling a bowl and then emptying it at the bottom of the stairs (I swear he's not been watching Home Alone, honest).

In the marble jar was a little tub of frankincense that Matthew brought back from Oman. To Isaac they're just little stones but the smell is lovely and he had great fun exploring and discovering the different textures in his fingers and in his mouth (the boy puts everything in his mouth as is the way of children at that age).

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