Thursday, 8 April 2010

Spring has finally arrived

After what feels like a very long winter we're now enjoying the longer days and lighter evenings and the weather's been lovely today. The boy has spent most of the day out in the garden or in the big park across town. It's school holidays so the park was very busy and after a short play the boy then wanted to go and watch the big boys play rather than stay in the small kid's playground. I'm not sure which he most wants to play with the bikes or the skateboards but I suspect he'll be on the half pipes before too long.

It was the perfect weather for ice cream...

The girl is pretty chilled and spent a good long while gazing at the sky.

The boy wanted to water the garden - I'm sure it's just a mission to make mud.

And as is his style his clothes didn't stay on for long. I know it was sunny today and it was warm for the time of year but I wouldn't want to be undressed and playing in cold water but then the boy seems to be unfazed by such problems.

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