Thursday, 15 July 2010

Baking bliss

She's growing up. Someone stop it!

You know all those lovely looking blogs that suggest cooking with children is a fantastic activity and everyone wears aprons and looks spotless throughout.... that's not how we do it. I do a lot of shouting and trying to persuade the boy that really he wants to play with a tractor or something in the other room. The dog gets in the way (places himself between me and the counter so that he can catch anything that drops). I roll out the dough with the help of himself and then roll it out again when he's poked holes in it with his fingers. He then spends the rest of the time trying to empty more flour out of the bag or pushing the flour that is there onto the floor and the dog.

I think we should probably wear aprons - the dog included.

Pizza's always worth it though.

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