Friday, 16 July 2010

Friday dinner

Everything is gearing up for the summer holidays here so today was the toddler group party - 2 hours of bouncy castle with the odd crisp thrown in (the boy was much more interested in bouncing than food). He brought a 'crown' home with him. He wanted to wear it home but the bike helmet won over until the lure of a crown got to be too much and then the bike & helmet went in the buggy (Isabel was in the sling at the time) while he wore his crown all the way home. He's asked for it a couple of times since but I've not had my camera to hand so I asked him to put it on so I could take a photo - that's not a tear on his face, he was splashing water out of his cup.

Isabel is keen to take part in meals which means one of us ends up eating one handed and trying to protect the plate from flailing hands.

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