Sunday, 18 July 2010

Street Party Time

Today was our second annual street party. Last year was a bit of an experiment but there was enough positive feedback to make it worth doing it again and hopefully it will remain an annual fixture. The street gets closed to traffic. All the cars get moved elsewhere (and any remaining ones get decorated) and we set up lunch, bouncy castles and stalls.

We decorated our house.

The boy was a pirate (for all of about 3 minutes).

The fire engine was a HUGE success. One of Isaac's friends didn't want to get out.

And there was fun to be had with the hose (I missed Isaac's turn as I thought he'd just be a spectator).

The biggest hit of all was the bouncy castle which was right outside our house.

The only diversion from the bouncy castle other than the fire engine was our friend Kerry singing.

He's practicing to be a roadie.

Or maybe a set designer.

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