Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Going with the flow

I don't really have a plan for when my children 'should' be meeting various milestones but try to follow their lead. I am a little surprised though at Isabel's desire to drink from an open glass. She can do it in a controlled manner 90% of the time but then drowns herself by tipping it up too much. It's very cute to see how pleased she is with herself though learning a new skill.

The peony is making slow but sure progress.

As usual next door's are in full bloom ahead of mine.

There's been a lot of marble run action.

A lot of cushion action - these cushions are so great. They were off an Ikea sofa that we brought with us to this house but that met a fateful end when Mike Catt missed a drop goal attempt in the rugby world cup (oh so many years ago now) but the cushions have lived on and been used in various guises. They are currently informal seating, sometimes bed but mostly for jumping on.

The boy wanted to be a pirate. So pirate he was - in the park and round the garden centre.

And then friends dropped by and afternoon became dinner. The cushions did their job again.

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