Sunday, 29 May 2011

Hanging around

I try hard to model the behaviours I want my children to learn - I didn't realise reading whilst nursing would end up like this though...

We had a trip to a different park yesterday. Isabel was keen to see where we were going (isaac ran off way ahead as usual).

Yep the red speck at the top of the slide is the boy.

There was much fun to be had in the tunnels.

And hanging around.

The log spins round so it's a real test of balance to be able to get across it. Isaac loved it.

Isabel contented herself with bouncing up and down on the wibbly wobbly bridge.

The tripod remains a firm favourite with Isaac at the moment. It means there are lots of pictures of our ceiling and of me feeding Isabel (taken from very unflattering angles) but also meant I got some snaps of Isabel in one of her favourite activities. Hanging upside down.

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