Sunday, 1 May 2011

More child labour

Honestly they fight to do the dysoning. I am not discouraging it.

Isabel keeps grabbing a wrap and wanting up - not a problem unless it's got pins in it because it needs hemming. After a quick sew she got her wish though. She's getting premolars at the moment and spends most of her time feeding or wanting cuddles. I don't know what I'd do without being able to put her in a sling as she's too heavy to just be in arms.

I made some cookies this afternoon and like a good mother thought I should share a small part of one with the small child. Hmmm maybe not such a good idea.

She then did a bit of a Morris Dance with the wipes before clearing herself up - apt for Beltane I guess.


  1. Is that Sweet Place? You were always destined to be together.

    (What happened to the bit left after hemming?? )

  2. it is a dark purple sweet place and it's gorgeous :~)

    another mama has the other bit - she beat me to the long wrap but then only wanted enough for a ring sling so I got my size 3 after all.