Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A kick in the head

Sometimes being with two is delightful. Often it's challenging. Mostly it's tiring. Isabel is going through a stage at the moment where she's in constant motion. Feeding is like being in the scrum. Sleeping involves much wriggling, squiggling and the odd head butt. Her limbs have a life of their own and my ribs are often kicked, pushed and poked. In the middle of the night if she's not in contact with me a little hand will reach out and grab my hair or if I'm lucky pat my head just to check I'm still there. It's not unusual for there to be a kick in the head. All in all I'm not getting much sleep. In the day she will only sleep if she's on me and is mostly a bag of wriggles even then. I got lamped in the head by a doll just before this picture was taken - a good argument if ever there was for Waldorf dolls instead of plastic.

The boy has realised that I am a captive audience once she's asleep. When I just had one child being able to sit and read with a sleeping child on me was bliss (well until I needed a wee) but with two I end up snatching the odd paragraph whilst playing... or being played with.

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