Sunday, 8 May 2011

Lots of daisies

Lazy parenting tip number 107 - let them draw on you (with washable pens). It means you can sit there and you know exactly where they are and what they're drawing on. (Kneeling on the carpet afterwards to change a nappy may result in a blue patch on the carpet though.)

On sunny days this is a common event in our house. If you don't keep an eye on them Isabel is off climbing along next door's wall and Finny has taken himself off to smell the cats up the street though.

After lots and lots of dry days we've had some rain this weekend. The garden is grateful but the grass now needs cutting. The daisies in the park have really gone to town. Isaac spent a lot of time running around in a big patch of daisies before plopping himself down and grabbing handfuls and then running around again.

Isabel likes playing with the camera - we don't need shape sorters in our house as she puts the camera back in its case and gets it out again and does it over and over.
She's still snotty but much improved on last week.

The boy spent a lot of time staring in the bin.

"Mummy, mummy come and see the dead pigeon."

Then he cycled off to the climbing tree and was up it before we could make our way there.

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  1. I love the drawing on you tip!! I'll have a go at that tomorrow - I may be able to sit down for a few minutes!