Thursday, 16 June 2011

If in doubt, go out.

On those days when she doesn't nap and is grizzled, I've not had enough sleep and am frazzled and he's jumping off the walls there's no choice but to go out. We were dodging showers but had a lovely time exploring a new playground. It makes me very sad though that we go to these amazing spaces and there's no one else there. I know the weather wasn't great today but it's such a common experience of when we go to playgrounds unless it's after the school day has finished.

The snot monster has well and truly hit and even swings couldn't bring a smile today.

There was fun for the boy and a bit of extreme babywearing for me as we explored the castle though. I went down the straight slide

But wasn't sure if I'd get stuck with Isabel on my back if I tried the spiral one.

And it rained really hard before I got chance to go on the zip wire, pah.


  1. Oooh, where?! (and I like empty playgrounds so much more!)

  2. Farnborough - wrong side of town for it to be easy for you but worth the effort :~)

  3. Looks lovely! It is a shame to see such a lovely space empty but more room to run free.