Monday, 20 June 2011

The park again

They could both spend hours on the swings. There's something lovely about seeing children swinging. Something about the freedom that is quintessentially childhood.

There was lots of up and down today and then she took off out of the play area to explore some more but got stuck in the gate and then had a melt down when her brother got in the buggy and then spent the rest of the afternoon complaining because she was in the buggy but didn't want to be or wasn't in it and did.

The climbing tree kept her happy for a few moments whilst the boy did lots of climbing up and down and sitting thinking.

And then we went off to see the gym equipment and she was bullish about what she wanted to go on.

Both of them are spending a lot of time with pens and paper. Only one eats the results though...

There was much gingerbread made. I ran out of plain flour though so they're half whole meal which actually worked quite well but I need to remember to up the amount of ginger as they're very mild.

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  1. Gingerbreads look yummy, we like ours quite spicey too.