Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Lessons in technology

If you want to learn how to use anything technological that you own let your small child use it. Then you have to learn how to undo everything they've managed to do to it...

I thought Isabel had managed to delete all the photos off the camera (not a big deal as I download them most days and then back up the laptop regularly) but it turns out she'd turned it onto clipboard and there are buts of my camera I never knew existed.

We're home educating our children and the first lesson is that they will teach us not the other way round.

This sums up my life really - the banishing clutter book in amongst a pile of clutter. One day I'll get there!

Isabel copies everything at the moment and as Isaac's favourite imaginary play is being a medic (Peso from Octonauts being the inspiration) we have had a lot of opening wide and saying ahh. Not so bad if it's intentional but a bit of a shock when every time you yawn (been a lot of that going on) you get something thrust in your mouth and a small girl saying ahhhh.

Clothes pegs and hair clips have been whale sharks (yep Octonauts again).

Ribbons and playsilks have been used as bandages. beds. hiding places and just generally wafted around.

And in the continual quest for 'up' the girl has been spending a lot of time sitting at the table. Sometimes playing but mostly just looking out of the window.

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