Wednesday, 8 June 2011

As useful as a chocolate hairdryer

There's a chocolate workshop in Domodossola that makes amazing creations. Matthew came back with a tool box and a hairdressing kit complete with these amazing scissors. Isaac's been asking for the big spanner all day.

There was building with big bricks. Bricks haven't really been that interesting until very recently but he spent a long time carefully lining them all up today and making walls, rafts and then trucking them around.

Isabel found a cupboard that she could put things in and take them out again. And put them in and take them out again.

The bear is happy to have Matthew back - or is he just happy that he gets to lie on the bed while Matthew works? Either way he's happy.

The peony is fading. There's been such a mass of colour in that little section of the garden that it will be sad to see it go but there are plenty of other things coming into flower,

The game is football. Hands need to be in pockets to resist the urge to pick the ball up.

The books have gone from the shelves above my desk. A lot will go to the charity shop, some to the local second hand book shop and some to Amazon marketplace after I looked up how much they were listed for. Apparently a lot of the books I had for doing my (unfinished) PhD are now hard to find and so have a high price. We'll see if any of them sell (and if I get chance to list them).

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