Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A flamingo on the beach

When a girl wants milk you just have to give her milk. And if your coat isn't long enough to sit happily on a wet beach then lying down is the only option - not sure what all the dog walkers thought.

A dead whale has washed up on the beach at Hunstanton - it's been there a few days and is getting smelly and someone's gone off with most of its lower jaw. It was fascinating for one small boy (complete with shark hat).

My brother bought both kids waterproofs for Christmas - they're great quality and have been well tested over the last few days. I don't think anything can stand up to children wading in the sea and sitting in it and be fully waterproof but otherwise they're very effective. I think we need waders and then we might be able to cope with winter beach outings.

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  1. Wow that whale is amazing. My 6 year old would love to see something like that in real life (as he says!)