Wednesday, 21 December 2011

How to carry a baby

Firstly disregard anything designed for the purpose and instead reach for a crepe bandage. Then get Mummy to half put it on with the baby inside before insisting on doing extra passes yourself. You have to remember to go over the bum - she said 'bum' a lot - and err oh tie the ends... nah why bother. Grin instead.

We are on the second evening of Hanukkah and trying to pack things up ready to go to my mum's for Christmas. We're not immune from the gift buying frenzy but have mostly managed to tame my inner shopper where the kids are concerned. Isabel got a wooden cradle for her dolls today and Isaac opened it when the post came. Tonight we gave Isaac his present as it means one less thing to take with us (and bring back). He's always loved this image and is delighted to have his own. It's by my lovely friend Asha and will hang over his bed. He wants to be the boy in the rocket. (Oh yes and the face paints were out again today.)

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