Friday, 30 December 2011

Spinach thief

I made turkey pie last night with some of the left overs from Christmas. As with everything I do there was a cry of 'he'p you' from the youngest member of the family and so she became chief stirrer (a lot of the leeks ended up on the cooker but at least I knew where she was and what she was up to). I had a bag of spinach left in the fridge so decided to put that in too. As fast as I put it in the pan it got eaten by Isabel. You can bet that if I'd put some on a plate with her dinner she'd have thrown it on the floor.

We got a delivery of bread fresh from France courtesy of the neighbourhood Twitterati. Isaac declared it the best bread EVER! And the kids managed to eat half the loaf before dinner was ready.

And another neighbour kindness was the gifting of a child sized chair that had been outgrown. The kids both love it and wander off with random food items to sit for a few minutes peace or to play with a doll.

There's a lot of food 'sharing' going on here at the moment. I made a cup of herbal tea earlier and put it out of Isabel's reach while it cooled. Isaac decided to drink it and wouldn't let me share so I had to go and make another one. I don't bother claiming things like toast as my own. I just make a big plate full and see how much I can eat before it gets hoovered up. It's common for my dinner to be a joint affair with at least one child - even if the same food is on their plate. The benefit for me is errr well mainly crusts.

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  1. Yes, food sharing is a theme around here too, often Ernest steals food that's on it's way to my mouth! I totally identify with the plate of toast and eating as much as I can before he steals it!