Tuesday, 6 December 2011


The phrase most often to pass the lips of my smallest child is '...yet'. As in 'not yet'. This is uttered many many times a day. It took us over 45 minutes to get out the house this morning as she didn't want to get dressed 'yet'. She didn't want to go upstairs to get ready for bed 'yet' and now she doesn't want to get out of the shower 'yet'. The other words that come out of her mouth on a regular basis are 'read it'; 'shouldn't'; 'me, me, me' and of course 'miiiiilk'.

We went to another lovely playground today, in Hanwell Village. They've landscaped it so well into the natural banks of the site and there's a good selection of play equipment and plenty of scope for imaginative play. Isabel spent most of her time jumping on the tyre trampoline and swinging on the swings. Isaac spent most of the time playing with the see saw and experiencing the balancing point.

I had help with making dinner. She loves working the magimix and as I needed bread crumbs it was perfect.

You have to press hard you know....

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