Monday, 5 December 2011

It's that time of year again...

Where the temperature drops but my children seem oblivious. I can have several layers on and still feel cold and yet at least one of my children insists on being naked. Today Isabel put her own sock and shoes on. Had a nappy put on (after she'd done a wee on the floor) and then refused everything else. (She is now in 2 t-shirts but has shed her trousers again.)

After we unpacked the veg boxes the two of them busied themselves in the kitchen whilst I tried to send an email. Things I have learnt from this. Isaac is very capable with a knife and we need a dog who eats fruit so that the clearing up is easier - or even children who eat fruit instead of just massacring it.

Isabel has worked out that the buttons on the camera do things... portrait of her brother. Oh yes those are his pyjamas and it was after 1pm but hey at least he was wearing something...

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  1. Yes, the kids were in PJs till teatime the other day. And then they decided to get dressed *sigh*