Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Hissing geese & stacks of stones

The place we're staying at has a few ducks, chickens and geese and they are mostly free to roam. Finn has met the geese and been firmly put in his place - if you've never met geese up close and personal you may not know that they are terribly territorial and can be quite aggressive in their defence (they were happy to have a go at the car when we came back the other day). Finn and the geese have come to an understanding. They are free to roam and hiss at him and he will keep his distance. It made for an interesting game of ball with the hissing chorus in the background. 

The kids spent a long time playing with the shingle and their crocs. Isaac put small stones in each of the holes in his crocs with much concentration whereas Izzy used her crocs for earth moving and depositing. It was a lovely half hour or so at the end of a busy day.  

I know, I know more beach photos. But really you can't have too much of the beach! Especially not great British beaches that are windswept and wild and frequented only by dog walkers and small children.

We were on a different bit of Sandsend today and there were more stones and rocks. Parts of the beach were shingle but we moved to a bit that was mostly sand with lovely smooth stones in it, perfect for playing around with. The thing with beach art is that it's fleeting - even more so when a friendly spaniel races over to see what you're up to and knocks everything over.

The other thing about this bit of beach was that there really wasn't anywhere for the dog to escape to. The sea was on one side, a concrete embankment on the other that only Isaac can climb and then a few miles of beach to either side. He did say hello to every dog that was there but mostly chased a ball and ran in the surf. Obviously when you get the ball you then need to bury it.


  1. Love the beach art, especially the feet! Looks like you're having a wonderful time.