Saturday, 19 May 2012


Squirrels loom large in our lives. The dog chases them, the children chase them, the squirrels chase the children. We have squirrels in Old MacDonald (nuts, nuts here). Squirrel soup or sandwich or other silly suggestion is often a lunch option. So when I spotted this dress in a Whitby charity shop last week I had to have it. Lucky it's my size too. It's gathered at the bottom which I'm not sure I like so may need an alteration but for a fiver I couldn't resist. 

I've been wanting to make some pillow cases with some Aneela Hoey fabric for weeks. This afternoon I managed to make one. I need more space to cut things as anything over a fat quarter has to be done in sections and so I end up with random extra bits or two pieces that don't quite match up. One day I'll work it out. I have enough fabric to make at least one quilt with it but I couldn't resist a little bit of red riding hood for myself.

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  1. Fab dress, and I love the Aneela
    Hoey fabric :)