Saturday, 5 May 2012

A little relief

Isabel is at that stage where if she has a nap in the day she's up partying till late. Twice this week it's been near 10 before she's gone to sleep - not what her mama ordered. If she doesn't nap then we have grouch-monster in the afternoon and a tea time meltdown - that doesn't help with dinner plans. There's so much going on with her at the moment, she's growing and growing up before our eyes. 

It's lovely to spend time with her. She's got such a great take on life and an active imagination. Isaac had imagination at this age but he didn't have the verbal dexterity that she has so it was hard to understand what his imaginary world was like. This week there have been lovely overheard monologues from Isabel like when she'd dropped her water bottle in the car and she was saying that 'the dolphins have taken my water' with lots of hand waving and splashing to go with it. Isaac was playing at a friend's for the afternoon and usually Isabel likes to go round and play too but I'd had to bring her home for a nappy change (not a popular move) and then she'd been enjoying the peace and space so when I suggested we go and see if Isaac needed to come home she very thoughtfully told me that no Isaac was having fun and didn't want to come home (true!) and so at home we stayed and she played very happily for another couple of hours and then went to the post office with Daddy. 

We play doctors about a thousand times a day at the moment. I rarely get to wear both socks as usually one has been stripped so I can have my foot tended to. We have several stethoscopes and I'm mostly waring one or being ordered to breathe out and having to hold one to my chest. 

Isaac decided I was too cold (the play thermometer said 36 after all) and so brought every blanket and throw we had in the house to put on me - I drew the line at Finn's stinky blanket though.

I did a quick play around with some white crayons and watercolour - the white crayon is interesting to work with as you can't see what you've done and it's not very fine but it's fun to do. It's like magic when you sweep the paint over it for the first time and the image appears by magic. I think we'll do this with the kids next week.

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  1. Love the old skool crafts like that that come back to you sometimes, hope the kids enjoy it. And that your foot is better :P