Thursday, 10 May 2012


Look what we saw yesterday, blue sky! 

It's gone again today but it was a lovely reminder that is still exists and that we might actually be able to get out and about and spend all day at the park again soon. 

Isabel decided eating the sand pit was the way to go... 

Isaac spent a lot of time on his friend's scooter. It was really fast! (See he's about to say fast there.)

And of course Isabel wanted a go too. I can see we will need two of these on our summer shopping list.

Today we were back to the damp but at least it stayed fine enough for us to go into town and take the library books back (I'm so glad they don't charge late fees on children's books) and to play in the pink snow (the blossom that was being blown off the trees).

There was a lot of jumping and dancing.

People have started feeding the squirrels in the park. Yes it's sort of cute but it means that they have lost their fear of people and will come up and demand food. It's only a matter of time before someone gets bitten and then complains.

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