Monday, 4 June 2012

And then the clouds parted

After yesterday's wash out the forecast for today was better but not promising. It's turned out to be a lovely day though the odd quick shower but some lovely sun too. The peonies are still not in full bloom but if we have a bit more sun this week we might get a few open flowers by the weekend. 

I made a lovely rhubarb Herman cake with a little help from Isabel - she does hog the stirring.

We popped to the National Herb Centre so that the kids could have a play whilst the dog went for a walk but Isaac decided he wanted to walk too so we headed off after them down the big hill. The dog found water. We wandered in the woods and played in the house and then we wandered (slowly) back up the steep hill. The dog ran his legs off and has been asleep since we got home. He is not budging from his bucket but will wag the end of his tail if you speak to him. A walk in the park tomorrow will be a letdown.

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