Monday, 11 June 2012

One here, one there

We went to a lovely party on Sunday and Isabel came away with a very precious heart shaped balloon. She slept in her party dress and wore it most of today as well. She is very chatty at the moment and there was a commentary all the way along the path as she said what was happening - I walking on big path with no shoes. I got big red balloon. It raining. That a car. That another car. Mummy there. Me walking with mummy... and so it went on. 

Meanwhile in Switzerland puddles were jumped in!

Matthew had a small work trip that needed to be taken and it was flexible enough for Isaac to go too. They'll be away until Thursday which is the longest Isaac's ever been apart from me. Isabel keeps asking where they are and sulking that she didn't get to go too but she's quite enjoying being able to do things without interruption.

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