Monday, 11 June 2012

Bath paints and homemade playdoh

I made up a little bathtub paint in a cheap ice cube tray and the kids both had a great time painting in the bath. It worked very well and wasn't too difficult to clean up even when they painted themselves. Just a tip though - don't use the shampoo that's been sat in the back of the cupboard because you hate the smell of it as there are many many bath loads of it in the paints!  

We've had a pack of Playdoh tubs for ages that I picked up when they were on offer but finally the last one has got dried out and crusty and Isabel wanted to play with some this morning so I finally got around to making some. It's dead easy to do and seems playable with. You don't get that Playdoh smell but that could be said to be a positive thing. Of course you can flavour it yourself if you want different smells but this batch was just plain smelling. I did add glitter to the yellow though.

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