Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Power corrupts

Give a girl some gunk and she's happy - every meal time she starts dunking things in her water or her water in her food. She's exploring every texture and loving mixing things so today I gave her some corn flour and water to play around with. She had great fun but then poured it all on the floor.

With Matthew away I have been responsible for the dog. It's not easy going for a walk with a dog who wants to speed off as far as possible and a small child who walks at a snails pace. We have developed a system that involves a bag of dog treats and Isabel gets to be in charge. She loves the power of it! I think the dog may be secretly training her though as she also loves to give him his dinner and isn't great at portion control. After we'd fed him this evening she went back to the cupboard and got another full cup to spread around the garden for him. Thankfully I saw her first and put the box of food away so he couldn't help himself.

This is cup of tea number 3 today that I made but didn't drink. It's a recurring pattern. I did get a cup of tea first thing this morning but it was so hot I burnt my mouth on it - I'm used to tepid at best these days.


  1. Ahhh ! so familiar! We too have toddler Labrador feeding. They would BOTH just keep going and going :-)

  2. So cute. She is growing up so much!! I can't believe it! (Even though G is equally grown up)