Thursday, 11 April 2013

Another Birthday

Isabel had her second birthday celebration at the weekend. The weather has improved but not enough to do our usual garden party so we crowded indoors. It was fun though. 

She had a Hello Kitty princess cake (cake toppers from ebay), a big spread of food and of course candles. 

And after about a week where no one was ill I have ended up with vertigo again so we've had a quiet week. Isaac has been doing a lot of playing with his Lego and added the tank to his play scene - scale matters not when you're 5. He wanted to get the camera and take photos of it all.

Isabel found a roll of wrapping paper and asked for things to be wrapped up. I couldn't think of anything to give them so we had a present snack time instead with each bit wrapped in paper and the smaller bits then put in the left over party bags. Breadsticks have never been so glam!


  1. Aww love the wrapping up snack-time! Happy belated birthday Isabel x

  2. Wow! Ernest would love that cake. he adores hello Kitty. x

  3. The cake toppers were fantastic and really good service.