Saturday, 20 April 2013

Running around.

So finally it looks like we might have Spring! Although it's been a bit windy this week (I'm amazed the washing stayed on the line) and we had hail and icy rain one day there has also been sunshine and even a touch of warmth to the days. 

Matthew is away in Egypt and when he's away it's hard to get the kids to be enthusiastic about going out - they like the comfort of home. The deal was made that a 'new park that we've never been to before' was worth going out for. Now this is no easy task as we have explored all of the town's parks and most of the neighbouring villages as well as many further afield. The joy of Google Maps though is that you can search on the satellite images for likely looking park-like spaces and so we went for an explore. 

The park we found was in Middleton Cheney and would be gorgeous on a warm day but there was a biting wind so we didn't stay very long. The kids got to blow off some steam though and have a bit of fresh air. 

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